Creating FreeBSD jails The FreeBSD Way note: This guide would roughly give you idea setting up a proper jail with networking enabled. This article is written for people who would like to create working jails in FreeBSD system. This article was written for 11.4-RELEASE. Prerequisites Make sure your FreeBSD system is up to date. Make […]


Docker Notes Docker container is a running instance of Docker image. Commands $docker images For example, it shows available images in the local repo docker search <SEARCH_STRING> For example docker search ubuntu docker pull <IMAGE> For example docker pull ubuntu:latest docker run -i -t ubuntu To run the image, -i for interactive, -t to attach […]


Go Programming golang Installation – Linux This guide/article was written for Debian 10 GNU/Linux running latest updates. Before you begin, run following command to update your system. #apt update && apt upgrade -y Once you have completed above step, now it’s time to install Go Programming Language or golang in your Linux host. First, you […]


Metasploit Beginner Quick Start This article is for beginner pentesters who are struggling in getting their own Metasploit installation up and running. Also I realized some struggle when it comes to generating the payload or executing the exploit. This article will touch on the basics of working payload generation. This article was written for Ubuntu […]

iptables firewall for GNU/Linux client machine

iptables firewall for GNU/Linux client machine Note: This article is written for fully patched Ubuntu 18.04 LTS GNU/Linux machine running latest kernel. The ruleset that comes with this article should work with other GNU/Linux derivatives. This article assumes reader has some knowledge in Firewalls and it’s concepts, OSI Model, TCP/IP stack, and network related tools […]


net-snmp-mrtg-freebsd [FreeBSD] SNMP & MRTG This article was written using FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE. Assumption is made such that reader knows what is SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). At the end of the article, you should have working setup of SNMP & MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Graph) . There are two packages available for SNMP in FreeBSD, […]


Linux notes This note will be updated from time to time as I am currently in the process of self studying for RHEL RHCSA certification. The notes should be clear to understand. If you do not understand, contact me. Users & Groups /etc/passwd The password aka passwd file holds information of users in the system. […]

Run latest pkg binaries #FreeBSD

This article is written for those who would like to switch from quarterly package management to latest package management in FreeBSD operating system. In order to do so, first you need to do the following: vim /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.conf Inside that file, enter following contents: FreeBSD: { url: “pkg+${ABI}/latest” } Once you save and exit the file, […]

Welcome file

Welcome to StackEdit! Hi! I’m your first Markdown file in StackEdit. If you want to learn about StackEdit, you can read me. If you want to play with Markdown, you can edit me. Once you have finished with me, you can create new files by opening the file explorer on the left corner of the […]